The Benefits Of Being The Best

People know the best when they taste it – and we’re it.

We make hot waffle and ice cream sandwiches the way they were meant to be. Picture a thick, frozen slab of deliciously creamy vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two warm, fluffy, freshly baked waffles…yeah, once customers get a taste of Waffle World® they always come back for more. Aside from getting rave reviews, there are many reasons this franchise opportunity is an undeniably sweet one.


    The waffle mix is unique to Waffle World – it’s fast and easy to make (just add water) and the taste is undeniably amazing.




    This heavy duty, stainless steel baker can produce 12 waffle slices every 5 minutes – that’s 6 waffle sandwiches! The plates are coated with Teflon to ensure the waffles won’t stick, but the flavor will.


    When our franchisees want to get into an event, we don’t have as much competition as the people selling hot dogs or BBQ. Waffle World doesn’t serve a product that is ordinary or expected – it is extraordinary and consistently exceeds expectations. There’s no one else out there doing what we do, which means we get the privilege of satisfying every customer’s craving. People want a hot waffle and ice cream sandwich – and that’s what we’ve got.

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