What You Get

Get a taste of being your own boss. We make it easy.

At Waffle World® we ensure that our franchisees enjoy the benefits of being in business for themselves without ever feeling like they are by themselves. We provide you with all the support you need and deserve – starting with a thorough training program.


    You’ll be invited to join us at our headquarters in Buffalo, New York for two days of training. You’ll learn how to:

    • Prep and bake the Waffle World products
    • Operate and maintain the Van
    • Market yourselves to event directors
    • Handle tracking and ordering inventory
    • Manage the bare essentials of accounting
    • And more

    Upon completion of the training program, you can drive the Van to your home location or get a quote to have the Van delivered.

  • the Van

    Our Ford Transit-250 is designed to be the perfect environment for making the perfect waffle. It is easier to drive, more aesthetically pleasing than a food truck, and professionally wrapped to display how good the product looks.

    Our Van is designed with a high roof and extended cab, modified as required, and includes the following:

    • A full size concession window
    • 7-Kilowatt self-contained gas generator and fuel tank
    • Exhaust system
    More features
  • Waffle World Wisdom

    We explain to our franchisee what they should be looking for in terms of suitable events and provide a list of questions you should ask. Waffle World will also provide insider tips that can only be learned from years of experience.

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