The Franchise Concept

We’re hot waffles and ice cream on wheels. Let us explain.

Waffle World® has a simple and strategic business model. In order to understand what we’re all about you need keep in mind that:

  • Waffle World is an event concept, which means we are able to bring our product to our customers. We are not a mobile restaurant.
  • Waffle World serves a slab of ice cream sandwiched between two perfectly crafted waffles. We are unique. And we are most definitely delicious! We are not a standard ice cream truck.
  • Waffle World focuses on doing just one thing right: making the world’s best hot waffle and ice cream sandwich. We are not complicated.

Designed To Be The Main Attraction

A lot of time and energy has gone into developing the Waffle World franchise concept. Suppliers have been evaluated, a proprietary waffle mix selected and a special waffle baker engineered. So today, we’re ready to roll out.

The Waffle World Van allows franchisees to easily and professionally transport our product to any venue. You’ll definitely stand out among the countless hot dog, taco and BBQ food trucks. From carnivals and fairs to conventions and tradeshows, Waffle World is guaranteed to turn heads and satisfy taste buds.

An Insanely Simple Concept

It’s not rocket science. You’re literally making hot waffle and ice cream sandwiches and selling them to eager customers. It doesn’t get much easier than that. You can choose to work with your spouse, your kids, or hire a handful of responsible individuals. The recommendation is to develop a team of 4-5 people you can call on depending on the needs of the event.

Franchisees should plan on having up to 3 people in the Van during the busiest times.

  • ico-house
    Someone prepping/cooking waffles.
  • ico-sandwich
    Someone assembling the hot waffle and ice cream sandwiches.
  • ico-truck
    Someone at the window handling sales.

Your schedule will be predominantly weekends and nights and unlike many franchises, Waffle World doesn’t require you to be an owner/operator. This means that with some extra help, you could potentially run your business while maintaining a full-time job. This is just one of the many benefits of being the best.

Ready? Apply now

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